Architects in the Bristol Area

You’re on this blog because you are either looking for an architect for an upcoming project which you have on your mind, you’re looking to become an architect yourself or you are just snooping about on the web and you have came up with some magical idea, which has led you to this site. Well, you’ve came to the right place and the team very much welcome you here, enjoy your stay.

We understand that looking for an architect can be a painful task, especially when it comes to finding one which is good, has the experience and is based around where you live – or where your project will be held. Architects are very costly nowadays and people just don’t know what to look for in an architect, what differentiates the good architects from the bad? That’s what we will be discussing today, we have also done the hard work for you and gone out and found the best architects currently in the market in Bristol.

A good architect is somebody who has countless years of experience in the field and have been involved in a range of different major projects in their time whilst being an architect, whether they work for an architectural firm or they are freelance – experience definitely does matter in order for them to do a good job. If you’re looking for an architect who has years of experience and can deliver – they will be costly – but how much are we talking? Most likely between 10-20k per project, depending on requirements – but it could be different!

The team have gone out and found several different Bristol architects which are very good, they have countless years of experience and have dealt with hundreds of clients across the south-west. The main architectural firm which stood out from the crowd was Western Building Consultants, great architectural and surveying solutions to the general public and they have lots of experience, dealing with massive projects across the UK.

If you’re looking to get an architect on board your project then I would suggest getting in touch with these guys. They are located in Bristol, they get involved in everything; Residential plans; Commercial; Surveying; Engineering and more. Here is their number and address details:

Western Building Consultants:

Studio 1a,

31 Berkeley Square





Tel: 01173-294290